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With us, you're always in good hands. No matter what season it is

At Lawncare Etc, LLC we recognize that every customer is unique, every home is different, and every property has its own environment. We can create a unique Maintenance Program for any situation and budget that will leave the customer satisfied month after month throughout the entire year. That's four seasons, worry free.


With a monthly program we will analyze what services are required and the customer will pay a flat rate each month knowing that their property is being maintained by professionals who care about their property as much as they do.

A beautiful, hassle-free property all year long

We offer many different services that can be included with a monthly plan. The most popular and convenient plan is as follows, but is not limited to:

Spring Cleanup

Remove sand, leaves, branches, papers, etc from all areas of the lawn, shrubs and parking areas

Lawn Maintenance

Mowing, string trimming, cleanup

Shrub Maintenance

Hedges and shrubs are maintained twice a year. Spring and mid-summer

Edging and Weeding

Removal of debris and weeds from all mulch beds. Sidewalk cracks, driveway cracks and curbs are sprayed

Fall Cleanup

All leaves, branches and debris are removed from the property

Water garden opening and closing can also be included in a monthly maintenance plan

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