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Water Garden Installs and Maintenance

Throughout history people have enjoyed the beauty and tranquility of water gardens and fountains. Introducing a water garden & pond not only enhances the beauty of your landscape and is beautiful all year round, it also adds value to your property. Lawncare Etc, LLC can make the water garden the focal point of your landscape or a private place to enjoy its beauty, relax, clear your mind and spend time with friends and family.


 We recommend an annual spring cleanout. Living in Connecticut allows us to experience 4 beautiful seasons every year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Four seasons also means a build up of leaf, debris, fish waste and more than can contribute to poor water quality hindering your ability to enjoy your water garden or pondless waterfeature to the fullest. Spring pond cleanings ensure that all the fish waste that accumulated over winter and debris from last season is removed to start your waterfeature off on the right track. This cleanout entails draining the pond, removing the fish into holding tanks, pressure washing the decaying organic material from the bottom, shop vacuuming out the biofalls/skimmer box (if one exists), trimming/dividing any plant material and safely re-acclimating your fishy friends back into their home.

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